Salesforce CPQ & billing software represented by digital financial statement

Salesforce CPQ implementation services

Increase the speed and accuracy of your close

Work with our Salesforce CPQ implementation experts to get your system:

  • Customised to your CPQ processes
  • Configured for high productivity
  • Delivered on time and on budget
Salesforce CPQ & billing software represented by digital financial statement
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Salesforce CPQ implementation partner

Optimise CPQ and billing to accelerate sales

As a Salesforce CPQ implementation partner, we help organisations accelerate their digital transformation with CPQ. From strategy to integration and development to training, our consultants can support you every step of the way. And after 10 years as CPQ consultants, there is no project too big or small for our team.

Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Badge

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ implementation

Accelerate with unified quote-to-cash

Salesforce CPQ & Billing is a fully integrated solution for fast and flawless invoicing. CPQ’s powerful capabilities help you go beyond single sales to create recurring revenues. Save time and money by automating pricing complexities, billing requirements, and electronic payments. As an established Salesforce CPQ consultancy, we will optimise your implementation and beyond.


Improve revenue recognition

Unite sales and finance for end-to-end visibility, while integrating with ERP to gain insights and facilitate reporting.

Automate contract execution

Get your business done quickly and securely with automated contract processes and integrated e-signature tools.

Eliminate human error

Use automation and integrated data to ensure that your proposals and contracts are always right the first time.

Supercharge Salesforce with our CPQ consultants.

Salesforce CPQ features and configurations

Use CPQ to supercharge your sales


CPQ gives you a scalable process to accelerate direct and channel partner sales.

  • Turn reps and partners into trusted advisors with complex yet intuitive product catalogues
  • Create customer solutions easily with preconfigured or customised bundles
  • Model deal scenarios, refine pricing with intelligence, and create branded quotes
  • Streamline quoting approvals and ensure sales compliance with product rules


Use CPQ’s subscription and usage billing options to align quotes with customers’ needs.

  • Scale growth by automating contract amendments, usage pricing, and renewals
  • Deliver on promises with centralised visibility of subscriptions and entitlements
  • Streamline cross-sell and upsell with price uplifts at renewal and coterminous add-ons
  • Reduce attrition with automatically generated renewal opportunities


Bring front- and back-office together with CPQ’s completely unified platform.

  • Streamline sales order acceptance and easily pass quote details downstream
  • Automatically consolidate all billable charges into a unified invoice for each customer
  • Streamline electronic payments via credit card or ACH
  • Facilitate revenue recognition by spreading revenue transactions over financial periods

Find out how our CPQ consultants can help you grow.

FAQ about Salesforce CPQ

Understand CPQ & billing features

What is CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. Salesforce CPQ software is designed to help you define the price of goods and services, taking into account relevant variables. Configure allows customisation to quote for what buyers need. Price offers ways to consistently price for discounts and bundling. And Quote pulls this information together to create a quote to send to the prospect.

What’s the advantage of CPQ?

CPQ simplifies and accelerates the quote process. You can create consistent, accurate quotes that are tailored to customers’ needs. It also integrates the quote process into the payments process by issuing orders and invoices. You can set rules for discounts, agreed rates, volume deals, and channel pricing.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is a leading solution for speeding up the process of pricing and creating quotes. You can use it to generate proposals and contracts, and then have an order and invoice created automatically when the deal is closed. Integration makes it simple to collect payments options, and you can use reports and status flags to alert finance teams to any potential issues.

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