Salesforce services represented by CRM icons

Salesforce services

Optimise your CRM with end-to-end expertise.

Get the flawless implementation, seamless integration, and custom functionality you need with our expert Salesforce services.

Salesforce services represented by CRM icons

Value-centric Salesforce consultants

Get faster returns with a Salesforce Partner

By working with a trusted Salesforce Partner you ensure that your new system does exactly what you need. These are a few examples of the added value our Salesforce services provide.



Avoid the wasted effort of an amateur implementation — get it done on time and on budget.


You know your business, we know Salesforce. Together we can build the perfect solution.


Benefit from our insider knowledge of how businesses use Salesforce to their advantage.



Gain a competitive advantage by learning the details of new CRM features before they’re released.

Let’s get your Salesforce project started.

“From start to finish the Influential team have been nothing short of fantastic. The guys took the time to understand exactly what we were looking to achieve and have built it down to the last minor detail.”

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Tailored Salesforce Partner services

Supercharge your CRM every step of the way

While Salesforce is flexible, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our Salesforce services are designed to tailor every aspect of this leading CRM to your specific requirements. From simple implementations to complex projects, we have the experience to ensure you succeed.

Flexible Salesforce services

Get just the CRM help you need

Just like Salesforce itself, our partner services are designed to be flexible and scalable.

Find a specialist resource for your team, let us handle your CRM maintenance, or have us carry out an entire project — we’re equipped for all eventualities.

Having served everyone from small businesses to FTSE 100 companies, we will provide the right balance of services to suit your size and industry.

Team augmentation

Bypass the costly and time-consuming recruitment process with our ready-to-go developer teams. Retain full control of your project and scale up or down as you need.

Project consultancy

Receive objective expertise and technical assistance from a consultant chosen specifically to suit your industry.

Managed services

Free your IT team for more valuable tasks by letting our accredited team handle your technical support, server provisioning, and database administration.

End-to-end projects

Get your entire project run from planning to completion with our proven agile methods. Benefit from a full team including a scrum master, project manager, QA tester, DevOps engineers, and developers.

Agile development diagram

Fast and transparent methods

Accelerate your project with agility

Our agile working methods bring transparency, flexibility, and rapid time-to-value to the development process. Using a sprint-based system that we’ve refined over the years, we deliver results quickly for maximum impact.

1. Consultation

Every sprint begins with consulting your Product Owner (PO). The PO might be your CEO, your IT head, your end users, or a combination of all three. We’ll work with your PO to define the product’s features and release date. As the iterations progress, the PO will have the chance to adjust the software’s features and priorities.

2. Planning

At this stage we clarify the work to be done in the upcoming two-week sprint. If necessary we’ll make adjustments to the project road map to take into account any changes.

3. Stand-ups

We prefer to work in two-week sprints, with a stand-up meeting every day to discuss our progress. Two weeks is an ideal time frame because it gives enough time to complete important features while staying short enough to allow for fast adjustments.

4. Refinement

In the refinement stage we clarify the details of what will be achieved in the following sprint. This allows our team time to plan their work in advance and raise any questions.

5. Review

This is your chance to give feedback on the features that have been created in the current sprint. Our team will present their progress via Webex or screen share so you can request any changes for the next iteration.

6. Retrospective

The retrospective is a time for our team to look back on what went well and what could be improved. This culture of self-assessment empowers us to learn and improve continuously.

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